Winter Whites

I've never been big on fashion rules (no white after Labor Day? Blegh!) and with white being my favorite color, I'll always find a way to wear it year round.

Freezing with Fleece Wrap-Ears

I've never looked forward to the season of cold weather more than I am this year. Knowing that we're all going to have our Fleece Wrap-Ears to keep us warm has me planning out my winter wardrobe combos and eagerly shoving my summer clothes aside.

People to Know: Floral Designer Rachel Anyanwu

I met Rachel for the first time at Citarella's grocery store in Greenwich, Connecticut; I was shopping for floral arrangements for Lysande's (liss-ONDH) first ever video shoot! I was staring at the flowers, completely perplexed when she asked if I needed help. Um, yes please! I told her about the shoot, the size of the vases… Continue reading People to Know: Floral Designer Rachel Anyanwu