NYC Bound with Fleece Wrap-Ears

Olive will be at least twice this size by the time it’s actually cold enough to wear Fleece Wrap-Ears into the city. But I wanted to share with you how I’m planning to style mine as soon as the temperature falls below 32 degrees.

I can already tell that the Campfire Fleece Wrap-Ear is going to be my staple. I love the burnt orange with my hair color and complexion and the way that it complements my favorite winter coat (scored from the Goodwill!).

I love how easy the Fleece Wrap-Ears are to wear. Since they open completely and twist around your head, there’s no static and frizz created by putting it on and pulling it off your head like a standard hat or ear warmer. My hair gets dry and static-y in the winter so this is a major bonus for me!

What color is your favorite winter coat/scarf combo? Do you know which Fleece Wrap-Ear you’ll be living in when the temps drop?

There are only seven days left to reserve yours for winter so be sure to choose your reward before they run out!



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