Your Adventures: South Africa’s Kruger Park

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that makes my day quite like seeing the adventures you go on with your Lysande accessories. So imagine my total excitement (like, I LOST it), when Sophia and Fernanda reached out with photos from their recent trip to Komatipoort.

Courtesy of Sophia and Fernanda.

Living and working in Mozambique, they went on safari to South Africa’s Kruger Park.

Fernanda styled the Read Between the Lines Maxi Wire Headband with a beautifully printed dress and her braids in a top knot. I LOVE her bright lipstick and those beautiful flowers!

Sophia styled the Moving Mountains Maxi Wire Headband in a gorgeous knot and paired it with a leopard print dress, big earrings, and the perfect sunglasses for a elegant travel look.

Courtesy of Sophia and Fernanda.

These besties enjoyed champagne as they watched the sun set over the park.

Courtesy of Sophia and Fernanda.

Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us! I hope you had the best time during your visit to Kruger National Park – I’ll be adding it to my shortlist of dream vacay spots.

Courtesy of Sophia and Fernanda.

Have you been to Kruger National Park or South Africa? What were the highlights of your trip? Let me know in the comments below!



P.S. Do you have photos from your adventures with Lysande? Email me at and let’s get your adventures up on our blog!

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