A Day at Acadia

Acadia National Park from Otter point

Darrell and I took Olive Bug to Acadia and it was PRECIOUS! We rode the dog-friendly shuttle around Acadia which really helped with parking – if you’re wondering, there isn’t any.

Woman and puppy at Acadia National Park

I knew we would be on the water and that it might be a little chilly so I chose my favorite black jeans and flannel shirt and went super casual with my hair since I knew the weather would be variable. I styled it in a ponytail with the Secret Garden Mini Wire Headband wrapped around it. I love the volume that the wrap adds to the ponytail.

Woman and puppy climbing on rocks at Acadia National Park

We had a BLAST at Otter Point, Jordan Pond, and Bubble Pond – the views were breathtaking! There are a few spots on the bus route where dogs aren’t allowed into the main attractions (the Wild Gardens of Acadia and Sand Beach are two that we learned about after we got off the bus) so take note if you’re bringing your fluffy bestie.

We stopped at the restaurant at Jordan Pond for popovers and cocktails. It’s touristy – yes – but an absolutely DELICIOUS stop for anyone new to the puffy popover delicacy. Olive conked out within seconds of lying down on the bench.

Aussiedoodle puppy sleeping on a bench at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park

Have you been to Acadia National Park? Did you take the bus around? Backpack? Hike? Send me your recommendations!



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