Lysande is Loving

This series is a collaboration brought to you by myself and Alex Soler-Lovell, to share what we’re loving. I mean, it’s kind of like the highlights of our Slack conversations but we wanted to bring you into it. Let us know what you’re loving in the comments below!

ONE// I started a Vlog talking all things crowdfunding! Catch up on the first episode here and then check out the most recent installment where I introduce Lysande’s newest and fluffiest team member here!

Source: Michelle Zagardo

TWO// I launched a new collection of headbands that is now available for preorder on 19th Amendment. Each wire headband is hand pieced and hand beaded by yours truly, right here in Connecticut. Shop the limited edition pieces here.

Source: Michelle Zagardo with model Jessica Reid of

TWO// Ali Stroker is the first wheelchair user to win a Tony Award. Watch her speech, you won’t regret it. FREAKIN’ CONGRATULATIONS, ALI!

Source: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times


FOUR// This article on ancestry and DNA testing hits close to home, as my family recently found out that my grandpa is not my dad’s biological father. Had my dad used one of these services, he would have been matched with his biological father who explicitly entered these databases in the hopes of finding him.

Source: Ali Cole via HuffPost.

FIVE// Cook County Jail added beekeeping to its 25+ year old Urban Farming Initiative and it has the potential to change lives.

Source: Evan Garcia / WTTW

SIX// Booksmart! This movie has it all. It was smart and witty, had all the right characters, managed conflict well, and gave me all of the feels. I went to a public school in central Illinois where liberation and progressive values weren’t ummm…embraced. It’s refreshing to see how some parts of the class of 2019 are experiencing the world.


SEVEN// This couple’s wedding planning journey. #loveislove

NINE// Your daily dose of positivity and motivation delivered with beats and brilliance.

TEN// This cartoonist for the New Yorker is one of our favorites.

What are you loving? Let us know in the comments below!


Michelle and Alex

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