Lysande is Loving…

This series is a collaboration brought to you by myself and Alex Soler-Lovell, to share what we’re loving. I mean, it’s kind of like the highlights of our Slack conversations but we wanted to bring you into it. Let us know what you’re loving in the comments below!

ONE// Lil Nas X performed his amazing (and controversial) song “Old Town Road” at an elementary school in Ohio and it will make your heart explode!

TWO// Esteemed Harvard professor takes a radical approach to teaching in a field that historically does little to prepare undergraduates for real world applications. (Hint: It’s what I studied in graduate school.)

THREE// I didn’t know that my hair was wavy, not straight, until a new-to-me stylist opened my eyes to my real hair at age 24. I don’t have regular access to that person and struggle to find someone who knows how to cut my very thick, wavy, coarse hair, so this personal essay really spoke to me. Did you have a surprising hair awakening at some point in your life? Please please please tell me about it below!

FOUR// Tiffany Haddish secretly recorded comments following her auditions. A quick read but incredibly interesting, and a good reminder that a little creativity can go a long way.

FIVE// China’s proposed Giant Panda National Park will be three times larger than Yellowstone National Park and connect multiple panda populations with the hope of reducing breeding barriers.

Source: Todorov.petar.p via Wikimedia Commons under CC BY SA-4.0

SIX// Admittedly, some of these are quite ridiculous and others just strange, but as someone who spends a good bit of time flying, I was interested to learn about the reason why the cabin lights are dimmed during a flight, and the meaning behind some of the code words and tones that are used by pilots and flight attendants.

SEVEN// I went to the taping of this episode of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah! It was as magical as I thought it would be but it was almost hard to focus on the actual Trevor Noah because the TVs all around us were showing the clips that accompany him when we’re watching from home. The taping was FAST and they did everything in one take.

EIGHT// An open letter to the Hubble Telescope on the 29th anniversary of its first photos.

Source: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

NINE// This invention from the 1930s is cutting period poverty. (I started using one during my last cycle and am a total convert!)

TEN// All things Manhattanhenge! I missed the one in May but added July 12 to my calendar.

People observing the sunset during Manhattanhenge in New York City.

What are you loving? Let us know in the comments below!


Alex and Michelle

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