Lysande is Loving…

This series is a collaboration brought to you by myself and Michelle Zagardo, to share what we’re loving. I mean, it’s kind of like the highlights of our Slack conversations but we wanted to bring you into it. Let us know what you’re loving in the comments below!

ONE// I recently wrote a ‘Day to Night Style‘ feature on the Odyssey Wired Maxi Headband, one of my favorite heavy-hitting neutrals. This wide silver headband is a year round staple and Piper blessed us with two tutorials on how to wear it. It couldn’t be more simple to pull off. Find the article here.

TWO// Olympic champion runner Caster Semenya is fighting back against invasive rules that would require her to take unnecessary medication in order to be able to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Read this illuminating article about her story and the impact that gender and race discrimination continues to have on her athletic career and the careers of other women who don’t conform to stereotypes.

Source:Getty Images

THREE// The 27th Annual National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive is coming up on Saturday, May, 11, and it is near and dear to my heart ya’ll! To participate, just set out your non-perishable food in a bag or box of your choosing (some locations provide plastic bags, but they’re not necessary), this Saturday, ahead of your carrier’s normal pick up time. You can also volunteer to help out with sorting and distribution of collected food (my family does this every year!). Call your local post office to see if your local branch is participating or for volunteering opportunities. Find the FAQs for the “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive here.

Source: NALC/ Jeff Keane

FOUR// Watch Adam Sandler’s Opera Man make his triumphant(ly hilarious) return to SNL’s Weekend Update. Honorable mention: the Sandler Family Reunion skit: watch here.

FIVE// Read this fantastic profile from Politico on entrepreneur, fashion blogger, friend of Lysande, and all around dynamo, Katie Sturino, is changing the conversation around size in the fashion industry.

Source: Katie Sturino @katiesturino

SIX// We’re celebrating because for the first time ever ‘3 black women win Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America’. Read about Cheslie Kryst, Nia Franklin, and Kaliegh Garris’ historic triple in this Washington Post article.

Source: Frank L. Szelwach / The Miss Universe Organization

SEVEN// I’m planning my raised bed garden by using this kitchen garden planner tool from My favorite thing about this tool is the soil calculator because I was able to find out the precise amount of soil needed for my custom garden, instead of guessing and making multiple trips to the store. Unfortunately, the this tool does not work on mobile or tablet devices- but it’s free!

EIGHT// Not sure where to go this summer? Roll the dice and try this Washington Post survey that will generate trip suggestions based on your answers (and 4 years of coverage from the Washington Post Travel section).

Source: The Washington Post

NINE// I’m watching HBO’s ‘Barry‘, or the antidote to this season of GoT, as I like to think of it. Starring and co-created by Bill Hader, the dark comedy, currently in it’s second season, follows a depressed hit man turned hopeful actor. I love the way that ‘Barry’ goes from intense and almost unwatchable moments to gut-busting one liners; a master lesson in creating and breaking tension. For my Netflix pick of the week, I’d just like to say, ‘Dead to Me’ is as good as everyone says it is.

TEN// This writer and fellow curly girl’s ‘big chop’ has me HEAVILY considering a short ‘do this summer. Watch Thatiana Diaz of Refinery29 take the plunge, cutting off *10 INCHES*, and read all about her curly journey here.

Source: Instagram/ @thatiana.diaz

IG Accounts we’re loving:

  • @littlebylupin– Michelle recently discovered feminist illustrator Emmy Smith’s account. Follow her for a dose of inspiring and empowering art.
  • @jenhewett– Another inspiring female artist, Jen Hewett is a print maker and crafter. On her account you’ll find her various gorgeous works and honest discussions around the book she is writing on the experience of crafters of color.
  • @labmuffinbeautyscience– Michelle is a chemistry PhD and science educator from Australia, she’s basically like the myth busters of the beauty world. Don’t know what to make of these recent articles that say “sunscreen in your bloodstream”? Does our skin actually need to breathe? Follow @labmuffinbeautyscience and find out!

Podcasts we’re loving:

  • The Ballad of Billy Balls: in 1970’s New York, punk rock musician Billy Balls is shot in his storefront home. 37 years later, his former model girlfriend is still trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Billy. A True crime podcast from Crimetown.
  • Armchair Expert: actor Dax Shepherd and his pal and co-host Monica Padman interview celebrities and experts of various fields. Dax and Monica are almost too disarming, often getting exclusive stories that range from honest and vulnerable to very juicy. Check out this week’s interview with our fave, Bill Nye.
  • Over My Dead Body: Another true crime podcast, this time from Wondery, the team behind “Dirty John” and “Dr.Death”, follows a seemingly idyllic marriage that led to a nasty divorce and even more gruesome murder case.

What are you loving? Let us know in the comments below!


Alex and Michelle

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