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This series is a collaboration brought to you by myself and Michelle Zagardo, to share what we’re loving. I mean, it’s kind of like the highlights of our Slack conversations but we wanted to bring you into it. Let us know what you’re loving in the comments below!

ONE// Michelle’s latest YouTube tutorial, featuring the Indigo Khadi Maxi Wire Headband can be found here!

TWO// 11 year old Jonah Larson is a crocheting prodigy who loves to give back. At 5 years old, Jonah taught himself how to crochet using YouTube videos. Today, Jonah sells his crafts via Instagram (check out the accounts we’re following below), and uses a portion of the profits to donate to the Ethiopian orphanage he was adopted from as an infant. To learn more about Jonah and his crocheting, check out this article from NPR.

Source: NPR via Jennifer Larson

THREE// Read about Bruce Springsteen’s newly announced 19th studio album, due to be released June 14th, Western Stars, here and listen to the first single, ‘Hello Sunshine,’ here.

Source: Bruce Springsteen/ Columbia Records

FOUR// Michelle’s trip to Girona brought back memories of one of her favorite books, The People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks. This historical fiction novel is about the imagined people who interacted with, and protected, the famous Sarajevo Haggadah – an illuminated manuscript of the Passover Haggadah – during its more than 600 year history. The Sarajevo Haggadah originated in Barcelona in 1350 and is believed to have been taken out of Spain by Spanish Jews following their expulsion by the Alhambra Decree in 1492. Brooks’ description of the life and struggles of her characters is so vivid and provided important historical context when she visited the Jewish quarter in Girona (the birthplace of Kabbalah).

FIVE// We’re counting down to the First Monday in May! To keep us occupied (and distract us from the Royal Baby Watch), we’re looking back at the wildest hair accessories from 2018’s Met Gala. With this years theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, we have our eyes peeled for the looks from our favorite celebs Beyonce, Solange, Blake Lively, Priyanka Chopra, Lupita Nyong’o, Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington, Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few.

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

SIX// We caught Chrissy Teigen on the Today show this week, launching a campaign with AHN Women to raise awareness for postpartum depression.
Postpartum depression (which effects 1 in 7 moms, according to the CDCP) is characterized by extreme feelings of sadness, anxiety and exhaustion that can threaten the well-being of moms, babies, and their families. The Campaign, #MyWishForMoms aims to create an open dialogue surrounding these issues. Read more about their work here.

Source: #MyWishForMoms/YouTube

SEVEN// I have to make a confession: I love my Instant Pot. Especially with the weather warming up, I’m always looking for quick and convenient ways to cook, that won’t heat up my whole house. This week I tried this fantastic adaptation for Arroz con Gandules, a Puerto Rican staple, and it was amazing. Can’t find sofrito or sazon at your local supermarket? Try my favorite store bought versions here and here. If you’re feeling more ambitious, take a peak at this recipe for Puerto Rican Beans (we call them habichuelas guisadas) for a from scratch recipe for sofrito and beans that will pair perfectly.

Source: Goya

EIGHT// Brene Brown’s Netflix special, ‘Brene Brown: the Call the Courage‘ makes the case for vulnerability as the path to bravery. Here’s a quote from Brene Brown’s special that made my heart soar. I truly believe body hate comes from the patriarchy and the more women (and PEOPLE) who love themselves, the more we can accomplish: “So here’ the thing. Like every woman born in this country, I’ve had to do my share of body image work. And I have! To the point that I’m dangerous I like myself so much. I’m good with EVERYTHING.” Brene Brown

Source: Netflix

NINE// Michelle checked out this Lina Bo Bardi exhibition at the Fundacio Joan Miro in Barcelona. Lina Bo Bardi was an influential Italian Brazilian architect. Her philosophy on architecture was that “until a person enters a building, climbs its steps, and seizes the space in a ‘human adventure’ that develops in time, architecture does not exist.” She believed that buildings could not be constructed without people and vice versa, so her sketches generally included both. Her style was whimsical and her subjects grounded in reality.

TEN// My local ice cream place has a Dole Whip soft serve machine and I’m obsessed. It’s vegan/ free of the major allergens and I don’t know why I’m just finding out about this now, but it’s no longer reserved to Disney World- it is majorly accessible, and I want all of my friends with special dietary needs to know!

Source: Facebook/ @DoubleDsIceCreme

IG Accounts we’re loving:

  • @jonahhands: Take a look at Jonah Larson’s crocheted pieces, some of which are for sale, and all of the other projects this impressive 11 year old is working on.
  • @i-weigh: The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil’s body-positivity rooted movement that focuses on all the things that make each of us valuable, none of which have to do with a number on scale.
  • @metcostumeinstitute– The Met Gala is about more than just what the stars are wearing that night. The Met Gala funds the costume wing of the Met Institute, which houses and preserves “the world’s most comprehensive costume collection, offering an unrivaled timeline of fashion history.” The Met Costume Institute’s official Instagram features pieces from the collection, current exhibits, and a behind the scenes look at the preservation of fashion history.

Podcasts we’re listening to:

  • Start Up– One of Michelle’s all-time favorite podcasts, “a show about what it’s really like to start a business.”
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz– Guy Raz hosts the TED Radio Hour but did you know he also hosts “How I Built This”? Each episode features a structured interview with a now-wildly successful founder, in which they discuss the startup’s origin story as well as the founders biggest successes and horribly insanely awful failures. Some of my favorite episodes include the one on Rent the Runway and Kendra Scott.
  • Tiny Desk Concerts– Can’t decide between a podcast or music? Neither can I, and now we don’t have to! (Thanks, NPR)

What are you loving? Let us know in the comments below!


Alex and Michelle

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