Barcelona Area Day Trip to Montserrat


The beautiful mountains of Montserrat outside of Barcelona Spain.

There are so many possible excursions from Barcelona and one of my favorites was Montserrat: a gorgeous day trip to visit mountains unlike any I’d ever seen followed by lunch at a winery? Sign me up!

Beautiful millennial woman with short hair wears luxurious handmade blue wire headband. In the background, the mountains of Spain.

Montserrat – “saw mountain” in Catalan because of its serrated appearance – is a mountain range near Barcelona and the home of the Benedictine Abbey Santa Maria de Montserrat. The only mountain structure I’ve ever seen that is similar is Vedauwoo in Wyoming, but Montserrat is just so so so much bigger.

Darrell’s aunt arranged our guided trip so we learned about the history of the mountain as well as some of the myths and legends as we wandered through the most picturesque landscape.

A beautiful millennial woman wears a luxurious orange wire headband and glasses. The mountains of Spain are behind her.

If you have limited time on the mountain, I highly recommend prioritizing the funicular up to the tip top of Montserrat. A five minute walk from the funicular leads to epic views of these wild rocks.

A beautiful millennial woman wears a luxurious orange wire headband and glasses with a colorblock parka. Montserrat is visible behind her.

One of the most beautiful (and easiest-to-summit) mountains I’ve been on! (The MVP of my trip, I styled the Indigo Maxi Wire Headband like a turban headband, to match my striped sweater.)

A happy couple stands on a mountain with views of Montserrat in the background. She wears a blue wire headband and carries a camera. He wears a blue hat.

Clot Dels Oms Winery

Beautiful winery entry gate of Clot dels Oms Winery outside Barcelona Spain

After Montserrat, we headed to Clot Dels Oms Winery. A small, family run shop, we were greeted by the second and third generation vintners – Anna and her mom – with a lovely spread of olives, bread, and the house cava (the Spanish version of Champagne).

Beautiful black silk scrunchie with white piping holding a fizzy beverage at a winery in barcelona

During our tour of the winery, we went into the cellars where the family’s bottles of reserves are stored. As the photographer in the group I was hanging back to get the shots I wanted and found myself in the right place when Anna invited us to choose two bottles to enjoy with lunch. Darrell’s cousin and I each chose one bottle and were instructed to carry them on their side into the home to ensure the cork stayed wet.

A smiling woman wears a blue headband and holds a bottle of wine while wearing a black silk scrunchie

The ancestors of these grapes made this bottle of wine.

We enjoyed an exquisite lunch that included a meat and cheese plate complete with the tomato and garlic toast characteristic of the region, and we drank the reserve wine (a red), an amazing white, and an ice wine with dessert – my first ever.

Woman wears a black silk scrunchie with white piping and holds a woven  basket filled with olive branches at a winery in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a day trip complete with mountains, great views, and the flavors of Spain, add Montserrat + Clot Dels Oms to your list! Have you been to Spain? What are your favorite day trips in the Barcelona area?



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