Featured: Orange Wire Headband Two Ways

The burnt orange “Copa de Oro” khadi wire headbands are perfect for summer. Available as a maxi or mini, you’ll be able to find a size that fits your style and hair type.

“Copa de Oro” Mini Wire Headband

Woman with blonde hair and an orange headband and glasses smiles in the foreground, and we see the rocks of Montserrat in the background. She wears a colorblock parka and mini leather backpack.

Emily styled her mini “Copa de Oro” wire headband with an athletic color block parka and leather backpack for a day of adventure in Montserrat. She prefers a lower profile headband so Lysande’s mini size is perfect for her style.

A woman with blonde hair wears a beautiful orange wire headband made of Indian khadi. She stands in front of the mountains in Spain, wearing glasses and a color block parka.

“Copa de Oro” Maxi Wire Headband

I styled the “Copa de Oro” maxi wire headband with gold jewelry and a maxi skirt that I wore as a strapless dress, belted around my waist to add shape. Yes – a skirt! My number one style hack whenever I’m lacking inspiration is to look at the pieces in my closet as different than they are. Sometimes it’s a bust but I really love how this look turned out.

Woman with brown hair and orange headband wears a strapless dress and gold jewelry.  We see her through the branches of a tropical tree.

I chose the maxi headband for this outfit because I have thick hair and prefer the look of a larger headband.

Shop the “Copa de Oro” khadi headbands here!

Two luxurious, orange wire headbands made of Indian khadi rest on a silk scarf.

How are you styling your headbands? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook @shoplysande so we can follow along on your adventures!



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