Featured: “Mirador” Khadi Wire-Framed Headband Styled Three Ways

The “Mirador” khadi wire-framed headband was inspired by the rich colors of the glacial miradors I saw during my recent trip to Patagonia. The deep turquoise is one of my favorite hues and flatters so many different skin tones.

Style 1: Mirador Khadi Maxi with Curls

Alex styled her perfect curls with the “Mirador” khadi maxi twisted into a turban shape. A white dress with bold sleeves is the perfect canvas for an easy and elegant travel outfit. She completes the look with a cheerful yellow necklace with turquoise details and a red lip.

Style 2: “Mirador” Khadi Mini for Brunch

Catalina twisted the “Mirador” khadi mini wire-framed headband into a turban shape for Sunday brunch at Marie Bette. She paired the headband with black shorts, a white tee, a chic metallic necklace, and a glossed lip for a look that’s both sophisticated and laid back.

Style 3: Mirador Khadi Maxi with Graphic Tee

I LOVE a graphic tee that simultaneously reps my values AND my style (white is my favorite (non) color to wear!) so this pairing was a no brainer! The “Mirador” khadi wire-framed maxi and my “Cville” tee from Charlottesville graphic designers Rock Paper Scissors complement each other perfectly.

Additional outfit recipes below. Just add the “Mirador”.

  • A denim shirt with braided hair.
  • A leather purse, neutral top, and a silk scarf.
  • Tonal looks are chic and easy. Pair the “Mirador” headband with a dress or top in a lighter turquoise.

The “Mirador” wire-framed headbands are a limited edition collection made from hand-woven Khadi, sourced during my recent trip to India. The fabric shows beautiful striations and color variation which makes each piece completely unique. A double layer of this lightweight summer fabric adds durability, plushness, and comfort that’s wrinkle resistant and perfect to toss in your bag or for travel.

The “Mirador” wire-framed headbands are a great addition to any summer wardrobe – shop them here.

Let us know how you’re styling these beauties in the comments below. And be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram using @shoplysande and #lovinglysande!



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