Northern India Photo Journal Part 3: Jaipur

This is the third part in a three part series about my trip to Northern India. Read about Delhi here and Agra here.

Millenial woman with long brown hair and turquoise headband in Jaipur India. Travel essentials.

Jaipur was my favorite city overall in the Golden Triangle. Perhaps it was the terra cotta walls, or the stunning sunsets, or our hotel that felt like staying in a jewelry box. Or perhaps I was simply getting my bearings in this incredible and quite perplexing country.

Day 6 (cont’d): After Agra Fort we got in the car and were on to Jaipur. We arrived at our hotel – Shahpura House – just in time to watch the sun set over the city from our balcony. We ate a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant and then crashed. Hard. (This was definitely a theme of our trip!)

Day 7 : After breakfast at Shahpura House, we stopped at Hawa Mahal – the wind palace – en route to Amer Fort. The wind palace is just a “stop and get out to see” kind of place as it’s just a facade!

Amer Fort was exceptional. The stone work and inlays were breathtaking and I felt like I could envision the lively court in the 1700s, decorated in all of its opulence. Amer was settled in the 900s, and the fort as it stands now was constructed in the 1600s.

I just couldn’t leave this next photo out because my inner math major loved it so much. I should preface this by saying I’ve never actually seen pigeon holes! Okay. Now I present you with a photo of pigeon holes on the side of the fort! (Well, there were also some green parakeets thrown in there but you get the idea.) If you’re unfamiliar, there’s a famous counting principle in mathematics called the Pigeonhole principle. It says that if you are putting items into bins and you have more items than bins, at least one of the bins will have more than one item. I know what you’re thinking…um, duh. But it turns out to be a really powerful tool with wide-ranging applications.

Day 8 : Another day, another delicious breakfast. After nomming all the foods, we went to the City Palace in Jaipur. Think “Amer Fort” but currently inhabited! The royal family of Jaipur lives in City Palace and we got to tour the grounds!

After City Palace we went shopping. I got the insider’s scoop from Megan Auman and we went to Nayika and Anokhi. Both of these boutiques are fixed price stores that are beautiful and super relaxing to spend time in.

Day 9 : Sadly this was our last day in Northern India, before flying south to Hyderabad. It was a beautiful day like so many of the others, and we started at Jantar Mantar monument which includes the world’s largest stone sun dial.

I felt like I was walking around a Dr. Seuss book – perhaps “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” – while my mom felt like she was in a skate park. Don’t skip this spot if you have any interest in science or architecture…or history…or anything. Make sure you go with a guide in order to make the most of it. (We didn’t go with a guide and I wish we had!)

Our last stop before the airport was Tapri Tea House. This spot was delicious and one of my favorite meals in northern India. From the chai to the bel puri, the flavors were perfection (and my mouth is watering as I write this)!

Stay tuned for the next installment about southern India! Until then, namaste.



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