What’s In My Bag: The 6 Things I Never Leave Home Without

I have chronic wanderlust and a deeply held belief that the key to the perfect adventure day is preparedness. I mean, what’s better than spotting a spontaneous street parade and having enough snacks on hand so you can grab a late lunch without passing out? Below you’ll find the 6 things that are always in my day bag.

  1. A camera: On days when I’m traveling light, I’ll grab my Fujifilm X-T20 (I have the silver body!) with my 15-45mm zoom lens. On days that are more photo heavy, I’ll take the Fujifilm X-T3 (linked with the battery grip I have) with either my 16mm or 56mm lens.
  2. MAC lipstick: My go-to shade is the Cremesheen in Fanfare and it makes me feel put together in 1.7 seconds.
  3. A silk scarf: Instantly up the chic factor of any outfit by tying one onto a bag or tossing one around your neck. I never regret having one on hand because it doubles as a blanket/shawl, eye mask, pillow, pollution mask, you get the idea.
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Snacks and a water bottle. Always. My go-to travel snacks are beef jerky, dried mango, and some sort of bar (e.g. Clif Bar, lemon zest Luna Bar) or peanut butter crackers. Find my number one most favorite water bottle EVER here. (Travel hack: When flying internationally, I take several empty water bottles through security with me and fill them up before boarding. These are my favorite because I can collapse them as I drink them, which is the general advantage for every day use as well!)
  6. Lysande! I have (at least) one mini on me at all times. Sometimes I leave the house with my hair down and decide I want to wrangle it later in the day (especially as the weather heats up!), sometimes I want to have the option to wrap it around an updo, and sometimes I just want the perfect headband to complete my look. Right now I’m way into spring brights so I find myself reaching for the “Azores“, “Jaipur“, and “Living Coral” minis, but the “Jute“, “Kohl“, and “Coffee” are soOoOo good, too!

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