Featured: “Akumal” Wire-Framed Headband

I am both happy and sad to say that Lysande’s (pronounced “liss-ONDH”) Limited Edition “Akumal” fabric is my favorite fabric ever.  Happy because, come on, it’s my favorite fabric ever! And sad because it’s all down hill from here! Womp womp.  I mean, not really.  I only choose stunning, high quality fabrics to work with *hair flip*, but there’s something about the “Akumal” weave that has my heart.  If you follow me on Instagram, @shoplysande, you’ve read my bold claims that this fabric works on almost every complexion and with every hair color.  (I will qualify this to say that I actually have not photographed any blondes in the “Akumal” plaid.)  While it is a bright, bold pattern from close up, the colors blend into a more muted red/brown from afar, making it my go-to Lysande piece for every occasion.  Bonus? The colors are great for the fall season, making it perfect for my upcoming trips to apple orchards. *insert bad dancing!*

A Labor Day weekend trip to Greenwich’s Island Beach turned out to be the perfect place for a photo shoot with Lysande’s “Akumal” wire-framed headband as summer winds down.

How are you staying cool during these final summer days?

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