Lysande Travels: New York Area Day Trip

Welcome to the first installment of #LysandeTravels! 

  • Overview: New York Area (DMWeil Gallery, New Paltz, Storm King Art Center)
  • Duration of trip: 7 hours (or a full day or even a weekend)

Darrell and I love taking big trips (3 weeks in New Zealand, anyone?), but also relish in the possibilities of a weekend afternoon adventure.  This carried over from 4 years in a long distance relationship where our only travel was to see each other, and then…weekend day trips. This fabulous Hudson Valley adventure was born of about 7 hours of free time a few Sunday’s back.  We drove up to visit the DM Weil art gallery, pop into some antique shops in New Paltz, and visit the Storm King Art Center.  This easily could have been a full day or even a weekend trip, but when the wanderlust bug bites us we roll with it.

DM Weil Gallery:(30 minutes to 1.5 hours): Our first stop was DMWeil.  Her gallery is a veritable Utopia of color, complexity, and somehow simplicity.  Darrell and I sat in the bright, airy space alone for maybe 20 minutes before DM joined us to discuss her work and ultimately give us a studio tour.  Scroll through the photos to see the painting I want in the living room of my dream home!

If you love contemporary art, you’ll love what DM can do with a canvas.  She has plenty of originals that you can search through, but you’ll also find incredible enhanced reproductions.  She (and the folks in her studio) take photos of her originals, enhance and color match in post-production, and then DM will go over the reproduced painting to add color and texture.  In a lot of ways every reproduction is its own original.   Getting to meet her was an absolute pleasure and not something we were expecting.  Leave time in your schedule to chat with DM if she happens to be around!

Our next stop was the small town of New Paltz where we stopped at the Gilded Otter Brewing Co for lunch.  It reminded me of my all time favorite breweries Devil’s Backbone and Blue Mountain Brewery outside of Charlottesville, VA, but to be completely honest the overall experience was not all that memorable.  The weather was gray and New Paltz was a little empty so I’d love to give it another try on a nice day when their outdoor space is open!

On our way out of town and down to Storm King Art Center, we took some photos at the mural on Main Street and walked through a few of the antique stores.  So many treasures!

And then we went to Storm King Art Center! We could easily spend the whole day here – and definitely will next time! This wasn’t planned in when we left our house at 11am but when we left the DMWeil gallery earlier than anticipated so we decided to add it in. For a day in late April it was so cold. We each brought our cameras and I wish I had gloves because my fingers were freezing. We weren’t dressed for the wind (those open fields get windy) and ended up staying for only an hour.

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